Curio & Co. is the vast, expanding world we have been building since 2010. While it’s similar to our own world, the Curioverse is kinder and warmer and everyone can participate in it – all you have to do is play along.

The inspiration for such elaborate world-building came from our passion for pop culture and our love of make believe, as the Curioverse is one giant game of “what if?”. Even the website is completely in character.

Frank and His Friend on a rock with a balloon - illustration by Cesare Asaro 


Since Curio & Co. is a fully immersive world, this means that all of the details have been completely developed – down to the names of histories of the original production studios to the aged look of the paper. But while the products look as if they could fit in with real artifacts, a closer look makes it clear that the Curioverse is made up and a little bit ridiculous. Allowing this moment of discovery is really important to us, and letting people in on the joke is key to the fun.

Asking the audience to play along is also part of Curio & Co. By far the best reaction we’ve received was from someone who got the concept of the company so well that he played along to add, “Oh, I loved Frank and his Friend – when I was a kid I had a Frank and His Friend lunchbox and it killed me when I found out that my mom had sold it at a garage sale for fifty cents.”


So dive in at

Brand new childhood memories are waiting for you.

Frank and His Friend running - illustration by Cesare Asaro